Are you a VIRL/EVE-NG user?
Please check the Ostinato-drone version being used in VIRL/EVE-NG and download the same version for compatiblity. The Buy buttons on this page get you the latest Ostinato version - 0.9. If you need an older version, use the older version links on this page

Money saver bundles

Desktop Bundle | Appliance Bundle | Super Bundle

Desktop Bundle

Windows, MacOS and Linux (multiple distro) packages in a money saving bundle - 40% savings!

Buy Desktop Bundle ($115) ($69)

Appliance Bundle

Ostinato Virtual Machine and Live ISO (for CD or USB) in a money saving bundle - 20% savings!

Buy Appliance Bundle ($88) ($69)

Super Bundle

Everything included in the desktop bundle and the appliance bundle - 35% savings!

Buy Super Bundle ($203) ($129)

Individual packages

Windows | Linux | Mac OS X | Python API | Virtual Appliance | Live CD/USB


Portable binary package (32-bit)

Buy Win32 ($10+)

Older versions are also available - some for free.


Linux rpm/deb packages are available for various distros

Buy rpm/deb ($10+)

Older versions are also available.

Mac OS X

Universal .dmg for OS X 10.5 or later.

Buy dmg ($10+)

Older versions are also available - some for free.

Thanks to @atulchitnis (RIP) for his help in finding and @gkjohn for lending his Mac Mini to revive Ostinato development/support on OSX.

Python API

Ostinato Python API can be used instead of the GUI for test and automation use cases.

Please note unlike the main project, Ostinato Python API is a proprietary licensed add-on product. This is to help sustain the the main open source project financially.

Buy PyAPI ($99+)

Virtual Appliance

The tiny sized ( < 100MB ) but full-featured Ostinato virtual appliance is ideal for adding a traffic generator to NFV deployments and other virtual environments - production or test/emulation (GNS3, UNetLab, VIRL etc.)

Buy VM ($39+)


Transform a old/new PC to a dedicated traffic generator box by using the Ostinato Live CD/USB ISO. No installation required - just burn the ISO to a CD/USB and boot from it. It boots into a minimal Linux running Ostinato

Buy ISO ($39+)


Source code is available on GitHub