Turbo Transmit add-on

The Turbo Transmit add-on for Ostinato is a wirespeed 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G traffic generator on COTS hardware at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated hardware traffic generator. See 📈 Performance.

The Turbo speeds are also supported on cloud and on-prem VMs.

The versatile and feature-rich Ostinato software plus Turbo Transmit, the high-speed packet processing add-on — a winning combo! Without breaking the bank.

Read about the ✨ just-launched blazing fast Turbo 100G.

  • ✨ Turbo 100G
  • Port speeds upto 100Gbps
  • Line rate for any packet size
  • Ostinato 1.3 compatible
  • System Requirements
  • 🚀 Launch discount!
  • $599  $499+/port/yr
  • Subscribe

+ VAT/GST extra as applicable


Traffic Performance Comparison On a Xeon multi-core CPU with Intel XL710/E810 NIC running Ubuntu Linux