Official documentation

  • FAQ - see if your question is already answered here
  • User Guide - all usage information for the GUI including quickstart, port and stream configuration, device emulation etc.
  • API Guide - all installation and usage information for the Python API, including complete API reference.
  • Contribute - ways for you to contribute to the project


Questions? Search the Ostinato forum - it has probably already been asked and answered, if not post your question to get an answer.

Blogs, videos and tutorials

David Bombal's free course on Ostinato with GNS3

Podcasts, conference talks

  • FOSDEM 2021 Video and slides - Writing an Ostinato protocol builder

FOSDEM 2021 - Writing an Ostinato protocol builder

  • Sharkfest 2020 Video and Slides - Ostinato overview and many live demos!

Sharkfest 2020: Ostinato - craft packets, generate traffic

  • Ostinato: open, scalable packet/trafic generator - Slides from the talk at the FOSS.IN/2010 conference