SharkFest 2020

Ostinato - craft packets, generate traffic

I had the good fortune to present at SharkFest 2020 - the annual Wireshark user conference. The talk included many live demos which you will find in the video below. The slides of the talk are also available - without the live demos, of course.

Full Video

Overview, capabilities, features, demos, topologies, architecture, performance etc. plus audience Q&A.

Duration: ~1 hour

Demo only videos

These are the demo videos extracted from the full talk above -

 Creating packets from scratch (including UI overview)

 Pcap import, edit and replay (any Wireshark compatible file)

 Routing test (multiple emulated hosts across subnets)

 IMIX traffic test (industry standard)

 IGMP/Multicast traffic test (IGMP Join, Leave and Multicast data)

 All the above demos