Ostinato for GNS3

  • Standard
  • Integrated GUI client and Drone
  • Version 1.3 (latest)
  • VNC console
  • Any OS
  • Enhanced UI/UX
  • $49/user
  • Buy

How to install Ostinato for GNS3

To install (one-time only) -

  1. Untar ostinatostd-gns3-<VERSION>.tgz - the package contains the appliance file (.gns3a), the Ostinato icon for GNS3 (.svg) and the Ostinato image (.qcow2)
  2. Import the Ostinato appliance file ostinatostd.gns3a and .qcow2 image
  3. (Optional) Change the Ostinato (std) node template (global settings) to use the included custom symbol ostinatostd-gns3-icon.svg

How to use Ostinato for GNS3

To use the Ostinato (std) node in a GNS3 project -

  1. Add a Ostinato (std) node to the project
  2. Start the Ostinato node
  3. Use a VNC client to access the Ostinato GUI