Professional Services

While Ostinato, the product, may fulfill your requirements, purchasing the product alone may not suffice on certain occasions. You may require expert guidance, training, or tailored solutions. This is why we provide an extensive range of professional services to assist you in accomplishing your network testing goals.

Our offerings include, but are not limited to -

  • Expert consultancy to understand your unique requirements and advice you on how to build and organize your network test topology and tests

  • Implementation of automated scripts and test suites using the Ostinato API as per your requirements

  • Integration of the Ostinato API with your internal test framework and APIs

  • Development of customized features and solutions to address your use case requirements

  • Priority development of features already on the Ostinato roadmap to meet your timelines

  • Training your team to provide the knowledge and skills to effectively leverage Ostinato for your use case

Contact us with your requirements or request a call to discuss the same.