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Portable binary package (32-bit) - just unzip and run! (NOTE: you will also need to install WinPcap, if you don’t have it already)

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Older versions are also available.


Linux rpm/deb packages are available for various distros

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Mac OS X

Universal .dmg for OS X 10.5 or later. Please read the HOWTO-INSTALL.txt inside the .dmg for important instructions.

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Older versions are also available.

Thanks to @atulchitnis (RIP) for his help in finding and @gkjohn for lending his Mac Mini to revive Ostinato development/support on OSX.

Python API

See Python Scripting for installation and usage instructions

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Older versions are available at PyPi


Ostinato is available in the FreeBSD ports and packages collection.

To install the pre-compiled binary package -

$ pkg install ostinato

Alternatively, you can build and install the port -

$ cd /usr/ports/net/ostinato/
$ make install clean

vDrone Appliance

This VM appliance contains just the drone server which is auto-started at boot. The appliance is distributed in ovf/ova format which is supported by all the popular hypervisors including KVM, VMware and VirtualBox. Run the Ostinato client on any PC/Mac desktop and connect to the appliance.

Download the images from SUSE Gallery (you may need to create an account or use an existing OpenID).

Community member Bernhard has created a custom vDrone appliance for use with GNS3 based on TinyCore Linux - see Ostinato for GNS3 for download and detailed usage instructions.


Converts any PC to a dedicated traffic generator by using the Live CD/USB. Because there is only a minimal OS and there are no competing applications for CPU and memory, running Ostinato as a Live CD/USB will achieve higher traffic rates than running the Ostinato application in a traditional OS.

Note: This distribution includes both the Ostinato client and Drone server and runs a Linux Kernel with minimal X and a bare-bones window manager.

Download the images from SUSE Gallery (you may need to create an account or use an existing OpenID).


See Building from Source for build instructions for your platform.

Download (src)

Older versions are also available.